Your website is an essential tool when it comes to providing the information potential customers need in order to decide whether to buy your products or services. But some aspects of creating & maintaining a website can be a huge stumbling block to “non-techie” business owners and managers.

Some examples of things I can help you with

Website content creation

Your website needs quality content that specifically addresses the needs of your target audience both in terms of what they are expecting when they are actually on your website and what they are likely to be looking for in a search engine. I can either help you to create that content or create it for you.

Website architecture

The way your website is structured (for example how you group content together, and how you use elements like breadcrumbs, URL structure and navigation) makes a big difference to how your target audience interacts with your website and can have a significant effect on how it it viewed by search engines.

New website setup

I firmly believe that every business should have its own domain name linked to its own website, but I frequently talk to business owners who don’t have a website, have a Facebook page as their sole online presence (and, partly as a consequence, are using Gmail or Hotmail email addresses). If that sounds like you I can set up a new website for you, and guide you through the process of purchasing a domain name and hosting if required.

WordPress website technical maintenance

WordPress websites need continual time and attention, but your time (and potentially your expertise) is limited. I’ll take care of keeping your WordPress plugins, themes and core up-to-date, making regular backups, monitoring your website security and alerting you if your website goes down.

Website development

If your website needs changes making to address its functionality I’ll either take care of them myself or find and liaise with someone who can.

Overall website management

It’s sometimes the case that business owners and managers simply don’t want to be involved with the day-to-day running of their website. For those situations I am able to provide a “turn-key” service.

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