Managing and maintaining a WordPress website can eat up a lot of the time you should be focusing on growing your business. My WordPress essential care plan will keep your WordPress website secure, healthy and up-to-date.

£39.00 per month

What’s included

  • Managed updates – I’ll keep your WordPress plugins, themes and core up-to-date.
  • Daily backups – I’ll make a backup of your WordPress website every day and store it safely on an encrypted server.
  • Security monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring – I’ll check your website every 15 minutes and if it goes offline for any reason I’ll investigate the situation and if there’s reason for concern I’ll start working to fix the cause.

What else you’ll need

Need more?

Check out my WordPress premium care plan to enjoy all of the benefits of my essential care plan plus:

  • Content uploads – If you want changes making to the content of your website you can send me the new content and I’ll upload it for you.
  • Plugin installation and configuration – If you identify a WordPress plugin that adds functionality to your website I will install it and configure it for you. If you subsequently need changes making to the configuration I’ll do that as well.

If you need content creating for your website, check out my content creation service.