If you want a new website for your business, and don’t want to set it up yourself, then one of my instant websites will get you up-and-running quickly and economically.

Getting a new website for your business is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose a design from my range of websites and buy it online. (After you’ve completed checkout you’ll receive an email containing step-by-step instructions for logging in to your website.)
  2. Customize your website.
  3. Point your domain name at your website.

What’s included

  • Your choice from my range of professionally-designed WordPress websites.
  • One month of website hosting.
  • Two hours of support (valid for three months).
  • Help registering a domain name.
  • Help pointing your domain name at your website.

Choose your website…

Frequently asked questions

What you get is a complete and functioning website that is an identical copy of the demo site that you saw when you made your purchase. You can then change the website text into your own words or you can use the included website support time to get me to do it for you. You can use the existing images if you like but I recommend adding your own to personalise your website. Again, you can use the included website support time to get me to upload your own images.

Once your site is ready to go I will help you connect it to your domain name at no extra charge and your website will be live on the web.

You will.

No! Not at all. It’s super easy!

Yes! All of my websites have been designed to be fully mobile device optimised, so you won’t have to worry about your visitors having a bad viewing experience from mobile phones and tablets. And Google will love you for it!

If you don’t already have one you will need a domain name (that’s the address at which your website will be found online). Take a look at my article “How to choose and register a domain name” for more information.

When you website is one month old you will need to purchase more hosting, either from me or from a hosting provider.

The hard work has already been done for you so that you don’t have to become an expert to be able to benefit.

If you’re an absolute beginner I recommend that you don’t make changes to the design and just add your own text and change the images.

You can buy one or more additional website support hours.

I want to empower you to build, change and manage your website yourself but if for some reason you decide you would prefer me to finish your site for you, you can send me a request and I will review where your site is up to, what you want to be done and provide a quote for you.

It will, but only to anyone who knows where to look. When your website is being developed I turn it off to Google so that it’s invisible to search engines. Once your website is live, it’s a simple ‘flicking of a switch’ and it will be available for search engines to index the pages.

Absolutely! If the website you choose isn’t already eCommerce enabled you can install the free WooCommerce plugin.

Yes, you can!

Yes, you can (it’s your website)!

Yes, absolutely.

There are no extra fees you have to pay just to use your own domain name. In fact, I will even link your website to your domain name for free when you are ready to send your website live.

If you don’t have a domain name I recommend NameCheap.

No. Logically email is completely separate from your website.

You can set up your domain name to point to your website and to your email account (and some website hosting companies also offer email services) which sometimes makes it seem as though they are connected.

No problem – just contact me using the form below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.