There can’t be many business owners or managers who, no matter how well their business is performing, don’t want to do better.

If you’re the owner or manager of a business and feel that it could be “somehow performing better” then my business performance improvement programme might be the answer to your problem.

It is based around four key stages:

  • Stage 1: Setting your business goals and objectives (= Decide where you want to be)
  • Stage 2: Determining your existing performance level (= Work out where you are now)
  • Stage 3: Creating a performance improvement action plan (= Chart a course from where you are now to where you want to be)
  • Stage 4: Monitoring progress and taking corrective action (= Check where you are from time-to-time and make sure you’re still “on-track”!)

1. Assess the current performance of your business

If you are setting out on a journey then you know where your’re starting out from. If you think of improving your business performance as a journey then it should make sense that you need to know where you are starting out from. That means assessing the current performance of your business.

Establish performance indicators

2. Set your goals

To continue the journey analogy, it’s all well and good knowing where you are starting out from, but you really need where you need to get to. That means setting a clear set of goals.

Set targets for your key performance indicators.

3. Create an action plan

  • Things you want to do better
  • Things you want to do more of
  • Things you want to do less of (or stop doing altogether)
  • Things you want to do differently
  • Different things you want to do

4. Monitor your progress

Action plans are useless if you don’t implement them! It is relatively easy to create an action plan, and then somehow assume that it will be implemented. You need to set milestones.