I’m delighted you’re interested in hiring me to help you make your business more successful. This page will help you to do that!

What you can hire me to do

I mainly focus on helping clients in one or more of the following specialist areas:

If you need help with something else then I may be able to assist. It never hurts to ask me (and the worse that can happen is I’ll say no)!

How to hire me!

Hiring me is as simple as subscribing to one of my monthly support packages. You can get started by subscribing to as little as four hours support per month with a minimum one month commitment. Most of the work I do can be carried out remotely to it doesn’t even matter where you are located.

You can subscribe using your PayPal account or a debit/credit card and selecting a support package from the dropdown below. (Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer. Please contact me if you’d like to set that up.)

Some things you might want to know…

  • Unless otherwise agreed in advance I do not undertake more than 8 hours of work in any week for any individual client.
  • You only ever commit to working with me for one month at a time.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in advance I work weekdays 09:00 to 17:00 (UK time).
  • If you find you need more support than we’ve agreed then you can buy more on an ad-hoc basis (subject to my availability) at the same hourly rate as your current monthly support package.
  • If you maintain an active subscription then your hourly rates are fixed for a minimum of 12 months.