I sometimes talk to business owners or managers who seem perfectly happy with how well their business is performing and are happy with their lot in life. To be fair, those conversations do not happen particularly frequently but when they do I find myself being both happy for them and envious that I have yet to achieve the equivalent happy place in my life. 

For most of us, it seems life is a constant battle to at least maintain the performance of our businesses, or ideally to improve (however we choose to measure “improvement”) the performance of our businesses.

My business improvement programme is designed to help almost any small business owner or senior decision-maker, regardless of organisation or business type, to improve their business performance. It is based around four key stages:

  • Stage 1: Setting your business goals and objectives (= Decide where you want to be)
  • Stage 2: Determining your existing performance level (= Work out where you are now)
  • Stage 3: Creating a performance improvement action plan (= Chart a course from where you are now to where you want to be)
  • Stage 4: Monitoring progress and taking corrective action (= Check where you are from time-to-time and make sure you’re still “on-track”!)

The programme involves working together over a period of time to make improvements to your business performance , but unlike many coaching programmes the content and delivery are tailored to your specific situation and you only need to commit to as many hours as you are comfortable with.